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Effective August 1, 2016 

From U.S. Embassy, Paris / DOE-France

Travelers are required to fulfill the following requirements prior to receiving final approval for travel to France. All information must be submitted in the Trip Comment section in TREX prior to submitting for division approval:


o   Email address that is immediately accessible to the traveler 24 hours a day/7 days a week (NOT the email address of the travel office)

o   Full hotel information (name/address/phone number) covering each night of stay in France

o   Point(s) of Contact (name/phone number/title) and all official meeting/venue information (address/venue phone) for each business location within France

o   Complete flight information including flight numbers/dates/times for all legs of the journey

o   Complete rail/auto/ground/etc. information including train/bus numbers/dates/times (arrival and departure) for all legs of the journey

o   Supervisor information (name, office phone, mobile phone, and email address) in the U.S. to confirm well-being.

o   Registration in the STEP system:

ADDITIONAL REQUIREMENTS FOR LONG-TERM TDY (more than 10 business days): In addition to the above requirements, federal and contractor employees are required to comply with the following, additional, requirements:

SECURITY BRIEFING:  Travelers staying longer than 10 business days in France are REQUIRED to schedule a security briefing with LBNL Counterintelligence Officer.  This requirement covers all travelers staying more than 10 days in France, regardless of final destination.  Coordination and scheduling of this briefing is the responsibility of the TRAVELER.

MIR3:  Travelers staying more than 10 business days are REQUIRED to sign up for the MIR3 system which will advise the traveler of an emergency cascade.  Should an emergency cascade be initiated as indicated by a MIR3 message, the TRAVELER will be responsible for contacting their control officer IMMEDIATELY.  Instructions for signing up to MIR3 will be provided during your security briefing.  The TRAVELER should not wait to be contacted by the control officer.

TRAVEL REPORTING: Reporting of any travel outside of the destination stated in the eCC (e.g. work-related or personal travel) during the course of the long-term TDY is REQUIRED.  Such reporting should be done to the control officer and the RSO at  Long-term TDYers remain accountable while covered under an eCC to France, regardless of their location.

For more information regarding the travel requirements to France, please download the U.S. Embassy Paris Security Handbook


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