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Welcome to the Foreign Travel Information Center!

Debbie Warner 486.5516 (Foreign Authorization)

Elijah Walker 495.2483 (Int'l Change of Station, Policy and Operations)

Michelle McCan 486.6386 (Foreign Reimbursement A-L) | Cynthia Thomas 486.4913 (Foreign Reimbursement M-Z)

Policy, Funding, and Training

LBNL RPM 11.08 - Travel Policy
DOE Order 551.1D - Foreign Travel
Federal Travel Regulations
Fly-America Act
Training and Presentations

Conference Travel and Reporting

LBNL Conference Guidance
Conference Status Reports

Health, Safety, and Security

Smart Traveler Enrollment Program (STEP)
World-Wide Travel Alerts & Warnings
Health and Travel Insurance
Health Advisory: 2018-19 Influenza Season Updated
SAFE Training
HTSOS Training Updated
FACT Training Updated
Country Clearance Cables; Why is this important?
Aviation Security Enhancements by Departure Country
Transportation Security Administration (TSA) REAL ID Act

Know Before You Go!!!

  • Do not embark on foreign travel without DOE approval (TREX notification). Doing so will result in non-reimbursement of travel expenses and salary.

  • Please contact and cc: before making any changes to your foreign trip.

  • If you did not receive an email notice from TREX confirming your DOE approval, please view your trip status in TREX for the latest information or contact

  • Taking vacation while on Official business? Please contact Travel Services at to obtain your maximum reimbursable ceiling.

  • Unsure if your reservation is reimbursable, please contact Travel Services at for assistance.

  • Everyone is encouraged to visit Heath Services to receive the latest health requirements.

  • Need a foreign visa? Please contact Sarah Lyons at 925-422-1345 or

  • To cancel a foreign authorization, please contact for assistance. 

Reimbursement Information

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