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Foreign travel requests are to be created, submitted, and approved in TREX. To download detailed instructions, click HERE

Key elements to remember:

  • Benefit to Government: This statement should be between 230 and 1500 characters briefly explaining how this trip is going to benefit the Laboratory and DOE.
  • Host Contact (name, phone, and affiliated institution): This should be the information of the person you will be visiting at each business location.
  • After-Hours Host (name and phone): This should be your hotel or other lodging information for each business or personal location.
  • Purpose (foreign tab): This statement should be between 500 and 1500 characters briefly explaining the activities you will be conducting in each location.
  • Paid by Others: Anytime a host wishes to pay some or all travel costs, it must be documented. Please provide name of host in the trip comments section.
  • Project ID for salary: If salary is being paid by a different project than the one being used for expenses.
  • Personal Days: Travelers are permitted to take one day of vacation for every one day of business conducted (1:1 ratio).
  • Electronic Media and Equipment: If you are traveling with a Lab issued laptop, PDA, cell phone, digital camera, or removable storage device, please provide DOE tag number and device type.
  • Late Justification: This statement should explain why the request is late and what impact would there be should travel not occur. For travel requests submitted within 30 days of departure.
  • Trip Comments: Important information for DOE or LBNL Travel Office.
  • SELECT an approver and SUBMIT

Want to know the status of your foreign authorization? Access TREX to view your authorization and click "Trip History"

  • Created - Document is in process; Not saved
  • Pending - Document created and saved
  • Submitted - An approver has been selected and document is pending Division Approval
  • Division Approved - Division Director or Designee has approved trip. You may begin making travel arrangements
  • FTMS Setup - Travel Authorization has been submitted to DOE and U.S. Department of State for review
  • DOE Approved - DOE and U.S. Department of State has authorized travel. You may embark on Official business

Other statuses to be aware of:

  • Returned by Division - You will need to access your authorization to review rejection statement. Once revised, please re-submit for approval
  • Returned by Travel - You will need to access your authorization to review rejection statement. Once revised, please re-submit for approval
  • DOE Denied - Travel request was disapproved. Please cancel travel arrangements and contact the Travel Office for additional assistance.

Required documents:

  • Flight/Rail/Ground Transportation - Please send travel itineraries to
  • Agenda/Presentation - Please send conference information to
  • Trip Report - If your DOE Program requests a trip report upon completion of travel, please send trip report directly to your DOE Program Manager.

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