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In response to evolving threats, the U.S. Department of State has increased required security training requirements to better educate and prepare travelers who are on foreign travel. This training is required for anyone traveling on behalf of LBNL.

  • U.S. Department of State is requiring mandatory training be completed prior to foreign travel for all foreign locations
  • Foreign travel of less than 45 cumulative days in a calendar year requires completion of a 5-hour online course, see additional information in the HTSOS section
  • Foreign travel of more than 45 cumulative days in a calendar year in a high risk, high threat requires completion of a 5 day in person training; see additional information in the FACT section below

Currently all foreign locations are on the Department of States list that requires this training.

This course provides participants with the knowledge and skills to better prepare them for living and working in critical and high threat environments overseas.  The course instructs participants in the practical skills necessary to recognize, avoid, and respond to potential terrorist threat situations.  Participants will demonstrate the practical application of technique taught in the course.  Participants will learn how to conduct surveillance detection, aspects of personnel recovery, provide emergency medical care, demonstrate improvised explosive device (IED) awareness, participate in firearms familiarization, and perform defensive/counterterrorist-driving maneuvers.  The final day of the course will feature reality-based scenarios, which will test the participants on their skill retention as well as their ability to react during a crisis situation.

  • 5-day practical, hands on training
  • Training is located in Summit Point, West Virginia
  • Attendees must have a valid driver’s license (or will sit as a passenger during the driving portion of the course)
  • 100% attendance required
  • Course offered weekly, except in weeks with a Federal holiday
  • Tuition is $2,036.00 (travel and lodging additional) MUST be charged with an ePro requisition by the Procurement Department
  • Training completion certificate is valid for 5 years
  • Valid FACT certificate will satisfy HTSOS requirement
  • Travel Orders are required for training in West Virginia

Once the traveler has completed the FACT Training, they are to provide a copy of the certificate documenting the course is completed to Debbie Warner @ .  At this time, the trip can then be submitted in the DOE system and a cable request can then be sent to the Embassy (Department of State). Once the cable is submitted for review and approvals, the copy of the certificate must be emailed to Department of State contacts for that country for their review process.  Employees should carry a copy of their completion certificates with them on travel, as they must provide a copy upon request.

FACT Quick Reference Guide for Traveler & Arrangers

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