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Login/Register: Security Overseas Seminar and Safety Concerns (SAFE)
  • This course is designed to meet the security awareness needs of U.S. Government personnel and families going overseas. Security experts offer guidance on a range of security-related topics, including personal security, environmental hazards, bombs, fire safety, evacuation planning, crisis management, surveillance, foreign intelligence, and hostage survival.
  • This course is required when there are 30 or more days of Official Business in a foreign country and accepting an offer for a change of station outside of the United States.

IMPORTANT: Once the traveler has completed the SAFE course, they are to provide a copy of the certificate documenting the course is completed to Debbie Warner @ .  At this time, the trip can then be submitted in the DOE system and a cable request can then be sent to the Embassy (Department of State). Once the cable is submitted for review and approvals, the copy of the certificate must be emailed to Department of State contacts for that country for their review process.  Employees should carry a copy of their completion certificates with them on travel, as they must provide a copy upon request.

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