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The DOE Office of Fossil Energy has the following requirements before accepting a foreign travel request for review:

    • Provide PDF version of presentation/paper to be presented (if applicable)
    • Provide PDF version airline/rail itinerary
    • Provide letter of invite from host
    • Provide name, phone number and email address of DOE Program Manager in the TREX "Trip Comments" section
    • Provide pre-approval email from DOE FE/NETL Program Manager

Please send Fossil Energy documents to and 


Vacation Guidelines for FE (FY18)

The following are FE guidelines for travelers taking vacation days while on foreign travel:

1. Case-by-case approval by approving official;
2. One day vacation is permitted for every 1 day1 of Official business (1:1 ratio)
3. All subject to traveler having sufficient leave balance.

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