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Effective March 30, 2018 

From U.S. Embassy, Cyprus / The Republic of Cyprus (ROC)

Americans traveling to Cyprus for less than 90 days on any kind of U.S. passport (tourist/official/diplomatic) on Official business are not required to obtain an entry visa as long as they have a return ticket. Travelers MUST use Larnaca (LCA) and/or Paphos (PFO) airports as their points of entry and departure into the Republic of Cyprus; Travelers are NOT allowed to enter Cyprus except through these two airports.

In addition, The Republic of Cyprus (ROC) officials are increasingly enforcing domestic regulation to stop onward travel of non-EU tourists, business executives and other visitors who land in ROC airports for the purpose of traveling to and staying overnight in hotels the ROC considers to be located on disputed property in the Turkish Cypriot part of Cyprus. In selected cases, ROC officials have turned around such passengers at the airport and put them on the next departing plane. In other cases, ROC officials have stopped such visitors from crossing through the checkpoints. The U.S. Embassy cannot guarantee a successful crossing into the north, and return back into the ROC, and intervention with the ROC, should such an occasion happen, might not be successful.

To avoid potential problems, Official business travelers, with appropriate reasons to attend conferences, etc., in the north, should consider staying in the ROC or at a hotel the ROC does not consider to be located on disputed property* (see .PDF below), and use Turkish Cypriot taxis to travel to the conference location. The Embassy can provide a list of acceptable taxi services, but cannot make the arrangements.

List of hotels situated in the Turkish occupied part of Cyprus.pdf

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