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Lactation Rooms

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All rooms can be reserved via Berkeley Lab's Google Calendar. To reserve, click “Rooms” in the calendar event invitation, type in “lactation” in the search bar, and a list of lactation rooms will appear. Please view the list below for additional information.  If you have any questions, please contact the Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Office @ x 4232 or [email protected].

Designated Lactation Rooms

Building 15, Room 319*
Small conference room - 3rd floor

Building 33, Room 208*
Small private room - 2nd floor

For access code please contact Gilbert Torres at 510-486-5395 or Kristin Camarena at 510-495-8702.

Building 46, Room 204*
Small conference room - 2nd floor

Building 59, Room 4002*
 Private room - 4th floor

Building 50B, Room 5222*
Small private room - 5th floor

Building 62, Room 331A*
Women's lounge area - 3rd floor

Building 67, Room 3235A*
Small private room - 3rd floor
Mothers may enter room 3235B (outer door) by code 337397 and 3235A (inner door) by badge access. Please contact Suksham Barun [email protected] for badge access to room 3235A.

Building 69, Room 205*
Small conference room

Building 70A, Room 3310*
Small private room

Building 74, Room 114*
Small private room - 1st floor

Building 83, Room 106*
Women's lounge and shower/locker area - 1st floor

Building 88, Room 110*
 Women's lounge area - 1st floor
Unescorted (badged) access to Building 88 requires completion of NSD 439, accelerator & radiation safety training. Please contact the Building Manager, Mike Johnson, at x4389 to arrange training.

Building 90, Room 1045*
Women's lounge area - 1st floor

Building 90, Room 3045
Women's lounge area - 3rd floor

JBEI - Quiet Room*
Sink located in break room across the hall

JGI - Building 100, Room 115*
Dedicated lactation room available on a first-come, first-served basis. Please contact Denise Yadon at 925-927-2533 or [email protected] for a key.

OCFO - Building 971, Room 204*
Small conference room - 2nd floor

Potter Street - Building 977*
Women's shower area with lockable door 

UCOP - 1111 Franklin Street, Room 6314
Please contact the Work Management Center at (510) 987-0600 or [email protected] for a key.

*Has hospital-grade pump

Nursing Pumps

 Hospital-grade pumps are now available for all lactation rooms - click here to learn more.