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For Nursing Mothers

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Berkeley Lab's goal is to provide a supportive, family-friendly work environment. To accomodate nursing mothers, we have a Lactation Accommodation Program that provides the time and space for your needs.




Berkeley Lab respects and supports the needs of nursing mothers by allowing adequate time at an appropriate location for your needs.


You are permitted a reasonable amount of time to express breast milk during work hours. You may take a lactation break, concurrent with your scheduled rest periods, or unpaid time during other parts of the work day. Supervisors are encouraged to consider flexible scheduling to accommodate your lactation needs.


We understand your need for privacy, and we try to provide appropriate space near your work area. The Lab has designated lactation rooms for your convenience.

For a list of designated lactation rooms, go here.

If your work area is far from a designated lactation room, you may request alternative accommodation from your supervisor, such as an employee's office or conference room with a locking door. To ensure privacy, you may post a sign on the door asking for uninterrupted time in the room. Download the door sign here.

In the planning for the future, all newly constructed buildings at the Lab will have lactation facilities to accommodate the needs of our nursing mothers.

Additional Resources

Berkeley Lab employees also have access to the Breastfeeding Support Program at UC Berkeley. For more information go here.

For additional support in accommodating your nursing needs contact [email protected].

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