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Safety Tips for Wet, Dark Days



With the rainy season upon us and shortened daylight hours, here are a few friendly safety reminders:

  • During the darkened commuting time, drivers, pedestrians and bicyclists need to be extra aware of each other.

  • Change the windshield wipers and check the tires on your vehicles.

  • While cycling, wear reflective clothing and ensure both front and back bike lights function.

  • Earbuds/headphones limit awareness of surroundings and increase pedestrian risks.

  • Check your building entrances for mats and plastic umbrella covers to ensure floors stay dry.

  • Use the flashlight available on most mobile phones when walking to or from your car in the dark.

  • Be careful when driving, walking or riding your bike on wet pine needles. Report a build-up of needles or debris to the Work Request Center.

  • If lights are out in key areas, like steps, pathways, or parking lots, report it to the Work Request Center.

For any safety concerns, e-mail [email protected]