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Hero Card Raffle Winner Rachel Lance's Proactivity Rewarded

One day Rachel Lance noticed that the floor of a heavily used elevator had developed a tripping hazard, so she reported it to a safety professional and it was promptly fixed. Several months later a colleague overheard her talk about that incident, just happened to remember the Hero Card in his wallet, and found this to be the perfect opportunity to pass it on in recognition of a good deed for everyone's safety. Rachel registered the card and a few months later her name came up as one of this quarter’s lucky Hero Card raffle winners. 

Rachel was pleasantly surprised when she received the Hero Card, and then again by the news of the cash award. She knew about other safety awards, but hadn’t yet heard about this program. As an Administrative Assistant 3 in the Computational Research Division, she certainly is someone who moves things along, and offered a wellspring of ideas about how to spread the word. "Why not post a Hero Card flyer in common areas such as the cafeteria, and since a safety award system is in place, let's think of more ways to apply it. Safety awareness is really more about looking out for each other, but I'll be looking for a way to pass the Hero Card on - it was so nice to receive one." Rachel also suggested that everyone get to know their safety coordinator, building manager, and administrator so that safety-related issues can be resolved quickly.

Hero Cards are one way Berkeley Lab invites you to recognize the heroes that help “safe” your work day. Request a supply from in time for your next group meeting and spread the word before the next raffle! Two winning numbers are drawn every quarter, and each winner receives $50. For more details on all safety awards, see: Safety Awards at a Glance