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Update: June 2020

Discussions between Elsevier and UC are ongoing but there is no news to report at this time.   Other major Universities including MIT have recently also cut ties with Elsevier.

Update: August 27 2019

This is a small update to the ongoing UC/Elsevier negotiation situation.

Update: August 09 2019

A group of prominent University of California faculty say they will step away from the editorial boards of scientific journals published by Elsevier until the publishing giant agrees to restart negotiations, which stalled in February and left the 10-campus system without subscriptions to some of the world’s top scholarly journals.

Update: July 26 2019

UC has identified that, due to the slightly different agreements with Elsevier that cover LBL's access, LBL staff access to Elsevier publications is more narrow then originally understood, and more narrow then those of our UC campus colleagues.

We are preparing additional outreach and content on this topic, including specific lists of impacted publications.

In the meantime, the information below on alternate access remains correct.


UC and Elsevier have been unable to agree to a new contract for access to Elsevier publications that meets UC’s goal of supporting Open Access.

As a result, the UC system including LBNL has lost access to all, non-Open Access, 2019 Elsevier content.  In addition, LBL specifically has lost access to most Elsevier publications from the past 10 years.   (LBL will still have access to all open access content, past and present.) 

In short, UC seeks a new contract which facilitates Open Access to the research UC researchers publish in Elsevier journals. Since Open Access is a requirement of both UC and DOE, such an approach would greatly simplify compliance with OA requirements for LBL researchers.

For more information on the status of negotiations, and the issues involved in the dispute, please see this websites maintained by the UC Berkeley Library (

Impacts and Alternatives:  

The LBNL and UCB libraries are standing by to assist you with getting access to this content through other means.

Alternative Sources for Content:

Library Assisted Acquisition of the Title:

For earlier Elsevier content that may be available to non-LBL UC locations:

  • If you have a UC campus affiliation or appointment, use remote access to access the campus resources (e.g. Remote Access for UCB Libraries)  You can also check out the UC Berkeley Library's alternative access page for more UC Berkeley specific information.
  • If you know someone with a UC campus affiliation, you may ask them for assistance, provided this is part of a peer to peer scholarly exchange.
  • You may go to any UCB campus library with your LBL ID and use Library computers to access these journals.
  • You may use UCB provided Eduroam wifi at any UCB campus location and connect using your LBL credentials.   Eduroam members are considered to be part of the visiting scholar community on campus and receive access to campus provided journal subscriptions.

Further information:

Alternative access to Elsevier articles:

As always, the LBNL Research Library staff is available to help if you have any additional questions (

Not Impacted:

  • Scopus
  • SciVal