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Changes at the Library

Ever since Berkeley Lab began its strategic partnership with the campus library, LBNL staff have had access to the same online journals as their campus counterparts - but some parts of the experience weren’t up to the standard on campus. Today, IT is launching major new services to bring the library experience up to par.

Starting today, LBNL’s library catalog is being folded into UCB’s catalog. Interlibrary loan requests can now be handled directly from within the catalog, and you can request books from UCB libraries and have them delivered to the lab - often the same day. For the first time, you can now use your LBNL badge as a library card on campus - no need for a separate card. Finally, a new proxy service is now available which makes getting to our electronic holdings easy whether you're onsite or off.

Watch a video introduction or keep reading below.

Here’s what you need to know:

1. The LBNL Library Catalog is Now Part of the UCB Catalog

LBNL’s library holdings are now integrated into OskiCat, UCB’s library catalog. You can search for holdings across all UCB libraries, or limit your search to LBNL holdings. You can login to OskiCat using your Berkeley Lab Identity by clicking on Berkeley Lab Login on the front page. From there, you can manage your patron record, renew items and make delivery requests. For more on catalogs, click here.

2. You can check out books in any campus library with your LBNL Badge

No need for a secondary card - your LBNL badge is your library card at all UCB and LBNL libraries. Just have your card scanned at the checkout desk. IMPORTANT: If you already have a UCB “identity” (you’re faculty, staff, student, or affiliate on campus), please continue to use your CalNet ID and Cal 1 Card instead of your LBNL ID. IMPORTANT #2: The bar code located on the bottom of the front of your LBNL badge must be readable. If it’s smudged or obviously damaged, be sure to get a replacement badge before trying to checkout materials on campus.

3. You can get books and articles from UCB libraries delivered up the hill to our library.

The Baker service is your personal library proxy - it will pick up books, articles, and more from UCB libraries and deliver them up the hill for you to pickup. From OskiCat, just click the little grey button labeled BAKER on any record to request delivery. For more information click here.

4. Improve your experience by configuring the library proxy in your browser.

Just like campus, LBNL now offers a proxy service which allows you to easily get access to library materials no matter where you are. After a simple configuration to your web browser, the service makes sure that when you try to access library resources - whether you’re at Peets, at home, or anywhere else - you’ll be proxied through a server here to ensure you get access to everything you should. And don’t worry - unlike VPN, the library proxy only redirects you when you try to access library resources - all your other connections behave normally. Get more information about how to configure your browser here.

5. We’re not going anywhere and we’re here to help.

The reading lounge and our LBNL reference staff aren’t going anywhere. You can still get personalized assistance at any time by visiting the library or emailing Stop by or email with any questions you might have.

And here's what you need to do:

1. Make sure the barcode on your badge is readable.

On the bottom of your LBNL badge is a barcode. If that barcode is damaged, the library on campus won't be able to scan your badge which means you won't be able to check out books (they won't hand enter your barcode). Inspect your barcode and if it's in bad condition, get a new badge at the LBNL badge office. In doubt? Check your barcode at the LBNL Reading Lounge below the cafeteria during normal staffed hours.

2. Get a Pin #

In order to use Melvyl's request features, you'll need a pin number. Just visit and enter your first name and your LBNL employee ID. A temporary pin and instructions will be sent to your email address. You'll only need to do this once.

3.  Have an email account.

UCB requires an email address before you are allowed to check out a book.  If you have a LBNL email address, you are fine.  If you do not, all you need to do is visit the Privileges Desk at the Doe Library and they will load whatever email address you want to use.  If this is after hours for the Privileges Desk, then contact the LBNL Library at or 510.486.5621 and we will have the address added the next business day.

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