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The IC group has been a critical contributor to the DOE HEP program since the 1980’s including readout ICs for CDF and D0 vertex detectors (SVX, SVX’, SVX-II, SVX3, SVX4), the BaBar vertex detector (AToM) and drift chamber, Kamland and IceCube PMTs, the FE-I3 integrated circuit used in the ATLAS pixel detector, and the FE-I4 integrated circuit used in the ATLAS Insertable B-Layer (IBL), and most recently the establishment of the CERN RD53 collaboration for developing the high rate and radiation pixel readout chips for the ATLAS and CMS High Luminosity LHC upgrades. On-going RD53 design uses 65nm CMOS technology. Beyond the experiments listed, these integrated circuits have enabled science and R&D both near and far from HEP.  The IC group has also produced/is working on chips for CCD readout, light source applications, electron microscopy, implanted brain electrode readout, etc.

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