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Integrated Carbon Composites Structures

Integrated Structures and Modular Systems is an R&D topic relevant the design and fabrication of large scale precision detectors systems, which:

            * Have high thermal-mechanical performance

            * Are efficient to build and install

            * Minimize material, which is critical for collider detectors

            * Are cost effective

This R&D involves a variety of technologies which can be challenging to make compatible.

            * Carbon composites fabrication

            * Radiation hard materials and adhesives

            * Front End integrated circuit electronic systems and packaging

            * Electrical services and signal distribution

            * Precision assembly and metrology, and quality control

The Integrated Structures program originated from multiple generations of collider tracking detector development.

            * CDF silicon detector upgrades in late 1990's and early 2000's

            * Construction of the ATLAS pixel detector 2001-2007

            * Development of High Luminosity LHC upgrade silicon detectors 2008-2017

            * Construction of silicon detectors for STAR and PHENIX 2011-2014

The program relies heavily on the Carbon Composites Fabrication Facility of the LBNL Engineering Division and its expert technical staff, and on collaboration with the Nuclear Science Division, Accelerator Technology, Materials Science and Molecular Foundry, Advanced Light source, and industry. A particularly important industrial partner has been Allcomp, Inc., which developed thermally conductive carbon foams with SBIR support.

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