CMB Astrophysics Theory

CMB Instrumentation

CMB Astrophysics Theory

Detector development of wafer-scale bolometer arrays using photolithographic techniques for CMB experiments.

  1. APEX-SZ: 
    Galaxy cluster search using Sunyaev-Zel'dovich Effect 
    UC Berkeley, LBNL, and MPIfR Bonn 
    12m telescope on Atacama Plateau 
    320 bolometer array 
  2. South Pole Telescope: 
    Univ. Chicago, UC Berkeley, Case Western, Harvard CfA, Univ. Illinois, LBNL 
    10m telescope at South Pole 
    1000 bolometer array 
  3. PolarBear: 
    UC Berkeley, LBNL, UC San Diego 
    3m telescope on White Mountain, CA 
    Specifically designed for CMB polarization 
    Test bed for new technologies 
    "Multi-color" pixels with dual polarization 
    Phase 1: 320 detectors 
    Phase 2: 1200 detectors

CMB and Cosmology

TES Bolometer Arrays for CMB Polarization and SZ Measurements

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