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About the Office of Institutional Assurance and Integrity

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The Office of Institutional Assurance and Integrity (OIAI) provides oversight of LBNL’s  management systems and operating processes to ensure that compliance, best management practices, and continuous improvement are achieved in support of scientific excellence at LBNL.  In partnership with LBNL line management, the OIAI regularly monitors operational performance, develops and tracks performance metrics, identifies and tracks operational risks, and organizes independent internal and external reviews. The OIAI has critical oversight, feedback and process improvement roles with respect to operational risks and performance deficiencies and maintains centralized tracking of corrective actions and lessons-learned for regular reporting to relevant line managers, the Laboratory Directorate, UC Office of the President (UCOP), the Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory (LBNL) Contract Assurance Council (CAC), and the Department of Energy (DOE). The OIAI is responsible for the development and maintenance of the University of California’s Contractor Assurance System Description for LBNL.  

The Director of Institutional Assurance and Integrity, reporting to the Laboratory Director, Deputy Director and Chief Operating Officer and by dotted line to the LBNL Contract Assurance Council, has the requisite authority, responsibility, and accountability to manage the LBNL institutional assurance functions and serves as the principal point-of-contact on matters related to performance assurance.  In this capacity, the Director of Institutional Assurance and Integrity leads the Office of Contractor Assurance in implementing contractor assurance systems in support of the Laboratory’s mission. 

The Director of Institutional Assurance and Integrity serves as the Deputy Institutional Official reporting to the Laboratory Deputy Director who is the Institutional Official in regards to human subjects research protection and animal care and use in research. In this capacity, the Director manages the Human and Animal Regulatory Committees Office and oversees the operations of the Laboratory’s Institutional Review Board (the Human Subject Committee) and Institutional Animal Use and Care Committee (the Animal Welfare and Research Committee)

The Director of Institutional Assurance and Integrity serves as the Campus Ethics and Compliance Officer in regards to the UC Ethics, Compliance and Audit Program.  In this capacity, the Director coordinates with the Laboratory Research and Institutional Integrity Office, Internal Audit Services and other organizations to implement UC policies and guidelines as applicable to the Laboratory.  

 OIAI Organization Chart