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Physical Sciences Workplace Committee

At Berkeley Lab, workforce diversity is more than legal mandates such as Equal Employment Opportunity and Affirmative Action. In the words of Jim Siegrist, Director of the Physics Division, “Diversity is not just about targets for hiring. It is about attitudes that make a better workplace and reflect the community we see around us.” Of course, laboratory policies prohibit discrimination based on ethnicity, race, gender and religion. However, we want to go beyond that, and promote a workplace that values diversity and encourages creativity.

Lab-wide, the Workforce Diversity Office is responsible for implementing the Workforce Diversity Action Plans. With consultation from the Best Practice Council, programs and practices are developed to create a framework for diversity management at the Lab. In order to effectively address issues that are unique to each division, individual diversity action plans are formed to meet specific needs.

The Physical Sciences Workplace Committee is responsible for writing and implementing a common Physical Sciences Diversity Action Plan for ATAP, NSD, and the Physics Division. The committee has 8 members, including two staff members from each Division and a liaison from HR. The committee develops policies and events to promote diversity in the three divisions, and may represent employee interests. Please visit the committee’s web-page to find out more about the PS Diversity Action Plan. Or contact any committee member with your concerns, comments, and suggestions on issues regarding workforce diversity. The current NSD representatives are Mike Johnson (chair) and Grazyna Odyniec.

PS Workplace Committee Web Page

Current members of the PS Workplace Committee:

Michael B. Johnson (NS - chair) -
Diana Attia (PH/NSD/AFRD) -
Dave Brown (PH) -
Carolyn Charles (HR) -
Diane Heim (HR) -
Grazyna Odyniec (NS) -
Greg Penn (AFRD) -
Ina Reichel (AFRD) -
Prabir Roy (AFRD) -
Piotr Zyla (PH) -

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