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Minutes of the NS Division ES&H Committee*

May 26, 2005

Welcome new member  Azriel Goldschmidt

  • Ice Cube representative
  • Update and description of what the Safety Comm. does

Accident Prevention

  • Forward any ideas to Kathie Hardy
  • Reminders are important
  • Remember  LBNL is on a hill lots of stairs, etc. vs. other labs on flat land
  • Also remember, we are in an earthquake zone
  • Important to raise awareness
  • Suggestions (handout)
    • Safety Comm. Chair and Safety Coordinator should meet frequently
    • Committee should trend SAAR incidents
    • Review corrective actions and track to completion
  • Ergonomics
    • Big safety issue for NSD
    • Evaluations and follow-ups are being done

Action Item: Address any other accident prevention ideas at next meeting


  • Heavy Element Lab (R. Sudowe) inspection results discussed
  • Centrifuge issues need attention
  • Findings are entered into LCATS with 90 day deadline for corrections
  • Some inspections still need to be done

Waste Minimization

  • Any new projects need to be assessed for waste stream, even if there is no waste
  • Stress importance of recycling
  • Sometimes, we get so focused on safety; we ignore the environmental issues  waste, recycling, etc.
  • Install efficient equipment to minimize wastes
  • Purchase fewer toxic and more non-toxic materials
  • Legacy waste (lead bricks) has been given attention acceptable

Laser AHD 2036 (Leo Greiner)

  • Prism Laser System 77-158
  • Recently acquired from Engineering
  • Located in EG space, owned by EG
  • Used by EG, ALS, SNAP, NSD
  • Discussion of Laser (Class 3B)  How and what it is used for
  • Key for laser is kept in lockbox near laser; Only persons on AHD know the combination for the lockbox
  • Only potential hazard is laser radiation
  • Training is required for use of the laser; Eye exam also required
  • Greiner is current laser trainer on project
  • Safety glasses worn at all times during use (no open beams)
  • Laser warning signs have been posted at entrance of laser enclosure
  • Maintenance will be done by manufacturer rep or trained personnel
  • Reminder of Lab policy re: outside techs doing work on-site
  • No other known hazards associated with this system
  • If additional hazards are associated or may be present, make note of this on the AHD
  • Section on maintenance and safety glasses will be re-worded
  • Mechanical guard will be installed