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Minutes of the NS Division ES&H Committee*

February 14, 2005

Role of Safety Committee

  • Communication
    • Lessons Learned and other safety related issues
    • Off-site projects
    • Show NSD Director that all safety processes are in order
  • Project Reviews Make sure all documents are in order
  • Respond to crisis (occasionally)
  • Safety walkthrough and inspection of division space and offices

Electrical Issues

  • Increase of scrutiny on everyone since SLAC accident
  • Electrical review of Lab by DOE coming soon
  • Group leaders or anyone doing electrical work will be asked to submit a summary of work being done

Self Assessment

  • More attention to environmental issues is needed
  • Discussion of self-assessment requirements and scorecard
  • Lesson Learned Hard copy or electronic? Most prefer electronic. Suggestion Create link on website

SRC Update

  • 2004 Annual Meeting info is now available
  • Bicycle Safety Much concern; no recent accidents
  • Reminder: Try to keep accidents and days missed to a minimum
  • MOU with NSD/Engineering is in the works Will revisit at next meeting
  • Identify ergo problems early

Safety Inspections

  • Proposed date April 12, 2005
  • K. Lesko will confirm via email
  • Building 88