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Project Scientist

Theory of Nanostructured Materials Facility, Molecular Foundry

[email protected]


2009 Ph.D., Electrical Engineering
Princeton University
Supervisor: Emily A. Carter

2003 B.S., Electrical Engineering and Computer Science
UC Berkeley
Research supervisor: Roger T. Howe

Research Interests

My research interests are in understanding and predicting physical properties of materials using first-principles computational methods. My research projects at the Molecular Foundry concern understanding excited states within bulk organic semiconductors and at donor-acceptor interfaces, with the aim of obtaining better control over their performance as renewable energy materials.


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  • S. Sharifzadeh, P. Darancet, L. Kronik, and J. B. Neaton, "Low-energy charge-transfer excitons in organic solids from first-principles: The case of pentacene," J. Phys. Chem. Lett. 4, 2197 (2013). Abstract
  • S. Rafaely-Abramson, S. Sharifzadeh, N. Govind, J. Autschbach, J.B. Neaton, R. Baer, L. Kronik, “Quasiparticle spectra from a non-empirical optimally-tuned range-separated hybrid density functional,” Physical Review Letters109, 226405 (2012). Abstract
  • S. Sharifzadeh, I. Tamblyn, P. Doak, P.T. Darancet, and J.B. Neaton, “Quantitative Molecular Orbital Energies within a G0W0 Approximation,” The European Physical Journal B, 85, 323 (2012). Abstract
  • S. Sharifzadeh, A. Biller, L. Kronik, and J.B. Neaton, "Quasiparticle and Optical Spectroscopy of Organic Semiconductors Pentacene and PTCDA from First Principles," Physical Review B, 85, 125307 (2012). Abstract
  • D.K. Kanan, S. Sharifzadeh, and E.A. Carter, “Quantum Mechanical Modeling of Electronic Excitations in Metal Oxides: Magnesia as a Prototype,” Chemical Physics Letters, 519-520, 18, (2012). Abstract
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  • M.M. Maharbiz, W.J. Holtz, S. Sharifzadeh, J.D. Keasling, and R. T. Howe, “A Microfabricated Electrochemical Oxygen Generator for High-Density Cell Culture Arrays,” J. of Microelectromechanical Systems, 12, 590 (2003). Abstract
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