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Current Position: CNRS Researcher at SIMaP, Grenoble, France


Previous: EFRC Postdoctoral Fellow

Theory of Nanostructured Materials Facility, Molecular Foundry (Jeffrey B. Neaton)

Dept. Chem. Engineering, University of California, Berkeley (Berend Smit)

[email protected]

    2007 Ph.D., Physics, University of Lyon (France)
             conducted at the European Synchrotron Radiation Facility (Grenoble, France)
    2004 M. Sc., Physics, University of Camerino (Italy)
    2003 B. Sc., Physics, University of Camerino (Italy) 

Current Research

My present research interest focuses on the study of the electronic and structural properties of metal organic frameworks (MOFs) for CO2 capture (Energy Frontier Research Center) by employing first principles methods. This project is carried on in collaboration with Prof. Jeffrey Long at University of California at Berkeley and Prof. Laura Gagliardi at University of Minnesota. Also, currect work on XAS of MOFs is performed in collaboration with David Prendergast (Molecular Foundy) and Dr. Jeffrey Kortright (LBNL).

Previous projects

  • Development of an efficient first principles method based on the Virtual Crystal Approximation to determine the atomic structure of crystals with substitutional disorder (e.g. oxynitrides, perovskites, borocarbides).

  • Elastic and strain-induced properties of functional oxides (e.g. Giant Magneto-Resistance compounds).

  • Structural and electronic properties of alkali metal doped fullerenes (Rb6C60 and Cs6C60); Polymerization process of C60.

  • Structural properties of liquid Ga and Bi under pressure.

Recent Publications


Previous Positions

  • 2007-209 Postdoctoral Fellow at the ICMAB-CSIC, Barcelona (Spain)