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2016 05 09


Congratulations to Michele Kotiuga who completed her PhD and has just started a postdoc at Rutgers. Best wishes Michele!

2015 05 12


Welcome to Sinead Griffin, who recently joined our lab as postdoc!

2015 04 10


Long overdue update: Congratulations to Peter Doak, who finished his PhD at the end of last year, and now has a postdoc position at Oak Ridge National Laboratory. Kyuho Lee accepted a position as Senior R&D Engineer at Synopsys in Mountain View. And a warm welcome to Linn Leppert who recently joined the Neaton group as postdoc!

2014 11 03


Congratulations to Josh Howe, who finished his PhD and is already off to Georgia Tech for a postdoc position. Zhiping Wang recently joined the Lester group on campus. All the best to you! We'll see you around.

And a warm welcome to our newest postdoc, Sebastian Reyes Lillo!

2014 08 12


Welcome to our new postdoc Ru Chen, and to Fabien Bruneval, who is visiting the group for one year.

2014 08 01


Sahar Sharifzadeh started her new job as assistant professor at Boston University. Best of luck, Sahar. We will miss you!

2014 07 21


Lots of changes in our group: A belated welcome to our new postdoc Jie Yu, and our summer students Stephanie Mack and David Gee. Aditi Krishnapriyan started grad school in Stanford, and Christian Günthner went back to Germany to finish his Master thesis. We wish you all the best!

2014 01 25


Welcome to our newest group members, Greg Mann, Aditi Krishnapriyan, and Christian Günthner!

2013 11 05 (2)



Recently, Jeff was named director of the Molecular Foundry, and he accepted a faculty position at the Department of Physics at UC Berkeley, starting January 1st. Congratulations, Jeff!

2013 11 05



Welcome to our three newest postdocs, Marco Bernardi, Tonatiuh Rangel Gordillo, and Kristian Berland.

2013 07 02



Jeff has been named Acting Director of The Molecular Foundry. Congratulations, Jeff!

2012 12 01



New graduate students Florian Altvater and Samia Hamed join the group. Welcome!

2012 10 01


Welcome to new postdocs, Kyuho Lee and Zhenfei Liu!

2012 08 06


Prof. Leeor Kronik and Ariel Biller from the Weizmann Institute of Science arrive for a research visit.

2012 07 30


New postdoc Guo Li joins the group.

2012 07 20


Professor Zayak leaves for Bowling Green. Good luck, Alexey!

2012 07 19


Jeff has been named Acting Director of MSD, effective August 1. Congratulations, Jeff!

2012 07 18


Former group member, Isaac Tamblyn, accepted a faculty position at University of Ontario. Congratulations!

2012 06 04


Welcome to summer intern Danny Broberg from UT Austin. He'll be working with Rob Berger on strained perovskites.

2012 05 21


Sahar is now a Project Scientist in the Theory of Nanostructured Materials Group. Congratulations!

2012 05 08


Jeff's seminar for the MIT Energy Initiative is available here.

2012 05 03


Sahar and Alexey have papers accepted for publication, in Europhys. J. B and J. Phys. Chem. Lett., respectively.

2012 04 17


Jeff gives the MIT Energy Initiative Seminar, Boston, MA, April 17, 2012.

2012 04 12


Nicole and Sahar present at Spring MRS in San Francisco.

2012 04 10


Roberta's metal-organic frameworks paper accepted by JACS.

2012 04 09


Rob, Sahar, Michelle, and Roberta present during a special symposium with graduate students from the Theory and Simulations of Materials Centre at Imperial College, London.

2012 03 28


Pierre accepts a postdoc position in the Department of Applied Physics at Columbia University.

2012 03 20


Roberta and Pierre speak at the Young Engineers + Scientists Symposium, UC-Berkeley.

2012 03 19


Alexey accepts tenure-track position in the Department of Physics at Bowling Green State University.

2012 03 08


Jeff gives colloquium for Materials Science and Engineering at UC Berkeley.

2012 03 01


Rob gives an invited talk at the APS March Meeting. [abstract]

2011 10 01


New postdoc, Fabian Pauly, joins the group.

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