Josh Howe

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Graduate Student

University of California, Berkeley

Department of Chemical Engineering

Theory of Nanostructured Materials Facility

Molecular Foundry

Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory

[email protected]

[email protected]

BS in Chemical Engineering, Pennsylvania State University, 2009

BS in Physics, Pennsylvania State University, 2009


  1. J. D. Howe, P. Bhopale, Y. Tiwary, K. A. Fichthorn, "Patterns in strained-layer heteroepitaxy:  Beyond the Frenkel-Kontorova model," Phys. Rev. B 81, 121410(R) (2010).
  2. K. Pussi, J. Vuorinen, M. Lindroos, H. I. Li, J. D. Howe, K. J. Hanna, R. D. Diehl, P. K. Bandyopadhyay, "Temperature dependent LEED study of Pb{111}," Surf. Sci. 603, 2759 (2009).