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We are a multidisciplinary theory and computation group working at the intersection of physics, chemistry, and materials science. We interact closely with experimental groups to guide and be inspired by studies of new materials and phenomena in the context of nanoscience and renewable energy applications, and to validate and further develop our understanding of condensed phase systems. More »


We are part of the Theory of Nanostructured Materials Facility of the Molecular Foundry, a DOE nanoscience center at Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory. Free access to our computational tools and expertise is available through the Molecular Foundry User Program.



Predicted adsorption behavior of small molecules at open-metal sites in MOF-74 variants provides insight into gas storage and separation properties of nanoporous materials.

Self-energy corrected DFT calculation of spin-dependent transport, within non-equilibrium Green's function (NEGF) framework.

SrTiO3 may be engineered for more efficient absorption of solar energy.

Ligand choice can enhance carbon dioxide's ability to bind to MOFs by a factor of 2 to 3, yielding clues for making better carbon-capture systems.

Visualizing optical excitations in a pentacene crystal reveals a delocalized exciton wavefunction with charge transfer character.


2014 01 25



Welcome to our newest group members, Greg Mann, Aditi Krishnapriyan, and Christian Günthner!

2013 11 05 (2)



Recently, Jeff was named director of the Molecular Foundry, and he accepted a faculty position at the Department of Physics at UC Berkeley, starting January 1st. Congratulations, Jeff!

2013 11 05



Welcome to our three newest postdocs, Marco Bernardi, Tonatiuh Rangel Gordillo, and Kristian Berland.

2013 07 02



Jeff has been named Acting Director of The Molecular Foundry. Congratulations, Jeff!

2012 12 01



New graduate students Florian Altvater and Samia Hamed join the group. Welcome!

2012 10 01


Welcome to new postdocs, Kyuho Lee and Zhenfei Liu!

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