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Contact: Chris Redding 510 486 7660

The Photofabrication Shop is available to perform Chemical Milling and Silk Screening processes.

Chemical Milling:

Chemical milling is an etching process generally used to fabricate rigid or flexible circuits where metal has been applied to a substrate such as kapton, fiberglass or mylar. The etching process then removes the unwanted metal, leaving only the desired features. The chemical milling process can etch the metals completely or to a specified depth. Materials used include aluminum, copper, stainless steel and other metals.

Silk Screening:

• Layout patterns and nomenclature for electrical and electronic control panels of various sizes and material.

• Layout and screening of safety labels and signs.

• Screening of panels using single or multi-colored inks.

• Ability to generate artwork for requester.

Retirement Plaques:

Retirement Plaques may be ordered by filling out the Request Form on the LBL Website and email it or deliver to: Chris Redding,

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