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Location: 20 Lewis Hall, University of California, Berkeley

Contact: Miao Zhang, PhD, Tel: (510)-643-0914, Email:




Ion source: ESI and APCI

Columns available: Reverse phase C18 columns (both analytical and prep),

                                   Reverse phase C8 column (prep),

                                   HILIC columns (both analytical and prep).


       Ion Source: ESI and APCI

       For HRMS, error < 5ppm

       LC column: reverse phase C18 column

                          Cogent Diamond Hydride column


     Optical resolution: <0.2 cm-1

     Time resolution: Rapid Scan: 110 spec/sec; Step Scan: 10 ns.


    The stopped-flow unit is also adapted to the FTIR spectrometer for IR kinetics.


Agilent 7890B-5977A GC-MS system     Schedule



Malvern Viscotek GPC system           Schedule

Mobile phase: THF

Molecular weight range: 1,000 – 200,000


  8 parallel reaction vails, up to 500 psi, 200 °C



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