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Pages, COmments, Blogs/News, Colalborative TOols, Rich Content, Files, etc...

Start from the most basic level....
Permissions - Space Level, Page Level

Create and Edit a Page... Rich/Regular

Stuff goes in easily, comes out easily...

Attach a document... search, preview, etc...

Embed a Page tree, embed a search.

2.0ish features - status, feeds, and

Part A - external content macro's (you mentioned widget connector and possibly a youtube example?)
Part B - internal markup and rte example.

6.   Possible use cases: using a template - (I have one that could be used), meeting agenda/minutes, labtech and sustainlbl for examples.

7. Brief mention of social networking capability in confluence.

8.   Searching (deep search into attachments as well as pages).

9. permissions and the idea behind spaces and what you can1.  

A brief mention of the twiki conversion effort.   some folks in IT are impacted.
do with them


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