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Screencasting is capturing your voice (with or without video of you) and some or all of your screen (maybe slides, maybe a demo) - saving it, and encoding it for display on the web.

Video capture is simply taking a video of a presentation or seminar and sharing it, usually online.

Screencasting Options


Jing: Easy full motion screencasting for free.  Limited to 5 minutes and only supports swf in free version (making it difficult to upload to youtube).  However, with an account with or by placing the swf directly on an LBL webiste, you can mitigate this.

Screencast-o-matic: Java (no installation) screencast recorder.  Good quality, easy to use. 

Not Free>>>

Camtasia (mac/windows): The (expensive) standard for screencasting.  Basically, a full featured capture and editing solution.  If you need to edit video, mix in slides, and create multiple views this is the software for you.  Example use at lbl:

Screenflow (mac): Exceedingly easy to use and very responsive.  Used for many of the videos on Labtech.

CamStudio: FOSS for Windows.  Very full featured.

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