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As part of the Collab Services Refresh Project, IT is investigating a variety of technologies designed to make lecture and seminar capture easier.  Lecture Capture at LBL means being able to record group meetings, seminars, and presentations - and make them available to select individuals, all LBL employees/guests, or the entire world.

Vision: Recording and distributing captured lectures and meetings is as easy as hooking up the projector.  Knowledge about the available tools is widespread.  Use of the tools is frequently.  Sharing of recorded information to LBL employees and the world is frequent and painless.

Our proposed architecture is evolving, and we'd like your feedback.  Just add comments or send mail to


There are three components of most lecture/presentation capture solutions, some of which are combined in various products.

1. Acquisition: Recording some combination of computer screen, video, and slides.

2. Transcoding and Management: Turning the raw recording into one or more forms suitable for streaming or downloading.

3. Distribution: Moving the transcoded files to distribution points such as iTunesU, Google Video, and Youtube.


This Space contains user-contributed information. Nothing here represents an endorsment by the University of California Regenets, or the Department of Energy. More disclaimers at

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