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Places to Host (non-live) Streaming Video

Streaming Video


Use Case

Support Level



Google Video

Share videos of ANY LENGTH with LBL People only.  Great for videos not designed to be shared with the outside world.

Fully supported.

There is no way to share a video with people outside the lab.  Required LBL LDAP/Google Account.


All can access at, as of Feb 17, 2011

Google Docs

Share videos up to your gdocs quota with anyone using normal google docs sharing options (by person, by link, by lbl domain, etc).  Streams in the browser.

Fully supported.

Share with anyone. Streams in the browser.
Example Click Here

Go to gdocs and upload a video.  Then use sharing options as usual for gdocs.

Google Sites

Google sites can embed videos from LBL Google Video or from Youtube.  It's not a video storage option, but it's a video display option.

Fully supported


Go to gsites and cick insert, video...


Place video files for download (not streaming) in webspace and use normal webspace sharing (by lbl person, by link).

Fully supported.

User must typically download the video to play it - basically just storage.


You can use your LBL Google account as a regular Youtube account.   Oddly, you have to logout of Google Apps first - then create an account - then connect it to your LBL google account by entering ONLY your LBL email account NOT your password on the Google login page..  Finally, note that new Youtube accounts are limited to approx 10 minute videos.  Mature accounts drop this requirement.

GA+ Support (not fully supported)

These accounts aren't easy to share, so if you need a group account, it may be better to create a youtube account that's not linked to your lbl account and share the username and password with your group.  As a note, the Lab's youtube channel is reserved for public affairs use.


We have no affiliation with Vimeo, but it allows nearly unlimited length video uploads in very high definition.  IT uses it on its website.

Not supported.

No relationship to LBL.  Create your own account and don't use your LBL password.


You can upload many kinds of videos to commons and they will stream in the browser, but confluence isn't optimized for streaming video.

Fully supported.


Note: there are many services on the internet that provide streaming of user-created video.  We don't endorse any particular one. 

This Space contains user-contributed information. Nothing here represents an endorsment by the University of California Regenets, or the Department of Energy. More disclaimers at

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