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Step by step instructions for configuring your 3.0 and above iPhone for the LBL Directory.


See step by step photos below.

  1. Select Settings>Mail, Contacts, Calendar>Add Account
  2. Select "Other"
  3. Select "Add LDAP Acount"
  4. Under Server type:    Leave everything else on this page blank and hit "Next" (note: the iPhone will hang for awhile trying to connect via SSL  - as long as 2 minutes sometimes).
  5. You'll get a warning "Cannot connect using SSL"  click "Continue" (you're not sending your password, so SSL is not required)
  6. Under "Search Settings" if you see "other" listed, click on it, then click "Delete Search Settings" then click "Add Search Settings"
  7. Click "Base" and type EXACTLY the following: ou=People, dc=lbl, dc=gov (Touch "Description" and it will populate.  No need to do anything). Make sure that under "Search Scope" that "Subtree" is selected.
  8. Back out one level and then click "Save"

You're done configuring.

Now go to "Phone" select "Contacts".  In the upper left you'll see "Groups", touch it.

(9.) Now you'll see a new service called  Touch it, and you'll be able to search the directory.

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