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Like WebSpace, eRoom features an industrial-strength collaboration environment with a browser interface that is flexible and intuitive.



  • External accounts can be created through email invitations, which include links that direct the invited member to a URL where they can create a password.
  • Drag and drop entire folders to and from the desktop
  • Version control
  • Work flow management
  • Discussion forum
  • Survey poll
  • Calendar
  • Integrated instant messaging.


  • Certain features are only available through browser plugins, and obstacles exist to installing the plugins. They can be installed with IE 6, but if the user is running IE 7, the plugins will only install if an administrator changes the Operations OU in Active Directory to specify IE 6. With Firefox, the plugins can only be installed by first installing them in IE and then opening eRoom in Firefox, which should prompt the user to import them.

  • There is no way to install the plugins using a Mac. Without the plugins, users cannot drag-and-drop to and from the desktop, and changes made to a document accessed through the browser will not automatically be saved to the user's hard drive.
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