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Many collaborations and institutions publish calendars, often in the .ics (ical) format.  You can subscribe to these calendars to view them in current generation calendar systems. 

Working with Subscribed Calendars:

What you need to know:

A published calendar gives you access to a set of pre-defined calendar entries and enables you to do things like view the LBL Holiday calendar in your calendar client.  There are two ways to interact with published calendars:

1. The Good Way: You subscribe to the calendar and when the published calendar changes, your client will eventually change too.

2. The Less Good Way: You download the full content of the calendar and bring it in once to your client.  If the calendar owner changes it, you won't know until you reload it.

LBL and UCB Calendars:

LBL Holiday Calendar in ICS Format

Choice of UCB Academic Calendars (note that you must add new ones each semester)

UCB Events Calendar (individual events available as ICS files for downloading).

Google Calendar:

Google Calendar can use both models described above.  Of course, you want to use the live subscription model if you can.

You can do this in LBL Google Calendar or any other Google Calendar.

1. Log In to Gcal

2. Look for the box market "Other Calendars" at the bottom left hand corner of the screen.

3. At the bottom right of that box, click "Add" then select "Add by URL"

4. Paste the URL of the calendar you want - like the LBL Holiday Calendar

5. You'll see LBL Holidays added to your list of "Other Calendars", you can click on the name of the calendar to show it or hide it within your calendar.

Client: Apple iCal App:

1. Launch Apple iCal App

2. Select the "Calendar" pull down, then "Subscribe"

3. Paste the ICS file you want to subscribe to and click OK

4. Select whether you want reminders etc. 

5. Under Auto-Refresh, select the appropriate time if you want to refresh.  For the LBL Holiday Calendar (which doesn't change very often!), select Weekly.

Mobile Device: iPhone:

You can subscribe directly from your iphone. 

1. Email yourself the link to the ics file.

2. Copy the link in your iPhone email app.

3. Go to Settings, Mail Contacts & Calendars, Add Account, Other, Add Subscribed Calendar

4. Paste the Ical Link


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