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Sharing files is easy in WebSpace. WebSpace is the only collaborative application at the Lab that combines a browser interface with a mapped network drive. For users who edit files on a daily basis, it is more convenient to transfer them through the mapped drive rather than a browser-based program.


  • Drag and drop files and even entire folders to and from the mapped drive, or using a browser.
  • New users can easily create folders, invite Lab employees to collaborate on projects and assign permissions.
  • Version control
  • Ability to send large documents to persons outside the Lab by creating a "ticket" (an email with a link to the file), enabling users to transfer large files without having to send them as email attachments.


  • Deep directory trees with many layers of nested subfolders impair the performance of WebSpace.
  • Although non-Lab employees can be invited to collaborate on files within a particular folder, they cannot become full members.
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