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Q: Who is eligible to enter the competition and receive awards?
A: To enter the Idea Track competition, you must be eligible to receive an LBNL Spot Award. To enter the Code Track competition, you must be eligible to receive an LBNL Outstanding Performance Award. To be considered for an award in the Code Track, contestants must also complete a Software Disclosure and Abstract Form.

Q: What are the cash award amounts?
A: Our contest judges will set individual award amounts, based on the quality of submissions. The maximum award for the Code Track will be $2500. Maximum award for the Idea Track will be $500. (Award amounts are before taxes).

Q: Can teams apply for the awards?
A: Collaboration and joint applications are encouraged. Team members split awards equally.

Q: Are there limits on the mobile applications that will be considered for awards?
A: Submissions in both tracks should provide value to Berkeley Lab, either advancing the Lab's scientific mission or improving its operational services.

Q: Is the IT Division supplying any tools for developers to use in creating mobile applications?
iPhone developers can download development tools from the Apple website. When you're ready to run your iPhone application outside the emulator, on a phone, please send email to If you need other development tools to complete your project, please send email to

Q: How do I enter either competition track?
A: Please visit the competition website,

Q: Who will own the competition submissions?
A: In exchange for the opportunity to compete for cash awards, and because all submissions will require the expenditure of Lab resources for processing and consideration, contestants agree that their submissions shall be the intellectual property of the Regents of the University of California or the DOE under Contract No. DE-AC02-05CH11231.

Q: Can one project win awards in both the 'Idea' and 'Code' tracks?
A: No, a project cannot win awards in both tracks. The intent of this rule is to reward as many competitors as possible.

Q: Can a project in the 'Code' track be based on an idea submitted in the 'Idea' track?
A: Yes - but we encourage contestants to collaborate, if possible, in this situation.

Q: What happens if many similar ideas are submitted in the Idea Track?
A: Submissions in the Idea Track must substantially different from entries already posted.

Q: Can you give me an example of a mobile app?
A: The 'NextBus' service (see is an example of a useful mobile application. NextBus gives users several ways to access information about the real-time location of Lab buses, including text messaging (SMS), and a web interface optimized for display on a small screen. For the purposes of this competition, a mobile application is one that provides a useful service to mobile device users. That service can be delivered over voice, SMS, web, or some other mechanism compatible with one or more mobile platforms.

Q: Why is IT sponsoring the Mobility competition?
A: IT hopes that the competition will bring several benefits: encouraging creative problem solving, fostering collaboration, highlighting the benefits of mobile applications, and providing the Lab with new software services.

Q: Who can I contact for further information?
A: If you have any questions about the Mobile Application Competition, please send email to

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