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iPad at LBL

Note: Information on this page refers to iOs 3.X software

Summary: What Works

iPad works well in the LBL environment; however, it is not currently a supported device - not supported means that you can't expect to get full issue resolution from the helpdesk or our Tier 2 support, whether or not the iPad is owned by the Lab.  As always - IT endeavors to support open and recognized standards, to enable to you to use a device of your choosing.





Yes (Gmail) 

Search of email via IMAP (app) can time out.  iPad version of gmail via safari supports tablet orientation and most gmail web features.


Yes (Gcal) 

Really nice interface.  No scheduling of resources (rooms). 



In 3.0+, you can use the LDAP directory as described below. 



Via Safari


Via Safari



Popup calendars can cause confusion, but it does work.

LBL Provided iPads

At this time, you can order iPads through the normal Apple procurement process.  However, as of 9.27.2010 we do not have a mechanism for adding your cellular iPad to the Laboratory's account.  This means that you would either need to pay for data yourself when using 3G, or seek reimbursement if approved.

Lab GMAIL Email Configuration (New Standard)

Basic information for configuration is[ here.|]   Some iPad users prefer using the Google Sync method for their iPad for calendar, email, and contacts.

Directory Configuration

You can now look up people in the LBL Directory directly from your iPhone contacts.A step by step tutorial is here>>>

Calendar Configuration

Google Calendar configuration is here.

Other LBL Applications


The Lab now offers VPN Service on the iPhone! You can access internal only lab sites from your iPhone. Configuration instructions can be found here. The software can be downloaded

LBNL-Employee WiFi:

You can now connect to the Lab's lbnl-employee wifi with your iPhone. A configuration is available that you download directly to your phone via Safari. Follow the instructions on your iPhone as the config is installed. When connecting to this SSID, you will need to provide your current LDAP credentials each time.

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