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Learn more about using mobile devices at LBL and share your experiences.

The results are in!  Read about the winners of the LBL Mobile Apps Contest.  Learn more>>



iPhone is the recommended and supported smartphone solution at LBL.  iPhone works flawlessly with our email and directory systems.  It works with calendar.  Learn more about configuring iPhone>>>


iPad supports similar configuration options to iPhone including VPN, email, calendar, and directory.  

Cellular Modem>>>

Having a cellular modem allows you to connect from almost anywhere, whether or not there is WiFi available. LBL offers cellular modems on both the AT&T and Verizon networks. Learn more and hear experiences with them>>>

Basic Configurations>>>

Get basic info about how to configure your device to work with LBL servers (Email, Calendar, Directory).

Other Popular Devices>>>

These devices aren't officially supported, but please contribute your information about how they work in our environment.

Android Based Devices , Windows Mobile Devices

LBL Supports Open Standards

Our email and directory systems operate on open standards (IMAP, LDAP, SyncML) that allow most mobile devices to easily connect.  Share your experience with your device in the Mobile Forum or Get Basic Configuraion Information for Email, LDAP (Directory), and SyncML.

Mobile Development

Berkeley Lab supports mobile development of operations and scientific applications.  We have iPhone development licenses that can be used for both local (enterprise) and App Store distribution.  Learn more>>>

We're in the early stages of planning a lightweight mobile device page for lbl users.  Tell us what you think should be there.  More>>> is the first step in a broader mobile strategy we're working on.  What applications should be optmized for mobile?  What research activities benefit most from new mobile services?  How can we leverage expertise around the Lab to help?  Share your thoughts in the mobile forum.

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