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Cellular Modem (WWAN) connections allow you to connect your laptop (and possibly other devices) to a carrier cellular network

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  1. Unknown User (adstone)

    I have Verizon's WWAN service.  I have a Pantech UM-150 USB modem and I use it on both my Macbook running Leopard and my netbook running Ubuntu (Jaunty).  I use the Verizon provided software on my Macbook and it works flawlessly.  On the netbook, Jaunty automatically configured the UM-150 with no additionl work whatsoever.  I'm not sure whether it would have activated the UM-150 on Jaunty, but since it moves back and forth, it's fine.  I'm a constant user of this little thing and I love it.  It saves money on travel because I rarely if ever pay for wifi in hotels or airports.  I have never found a location where I didn't have at least some signal.  In particular, it works in the bowels of the Forrestal building (DOE HQ) and everywhere at the Germantown building.  I recommend it without hesitation.