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  • Advantages: Google Docs is unique among the collaboration software applications available at LBNL in that it integrates software for word processing, spreadsheets and presentations; consequently, users need not rely on Microsoft Office (although they can easily upload Office documents to and from Google Docs). Google Sites is the easiest way for Lab users to create a website and invite others to collaborate; for a list of features on Google Sites, visit the Google Sites FAQ. Other features include:
    • Simultaneous editing
    • Instant messaging
    • Surveys
    • It is easy to invite users outside the Lab to collaborate in Google Docs.
  • Disadvantages: Compared to the other collaborative software applications, Google Docs lacks a number of useful features:
    • No support for Office 2007 documents; docx files must be converted to Office 2003 format
    • No way to upload folders, so each file must be individually uploaded
    • No way to assign permissions to a folder
    • No mechanism to manage work flow
    • Limited granularity of permissions
    • Data is stored on the company's servers rather than Lab servers, so it is inappropriate for confidential information.
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