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Getting Started

  1. Learn to navigate and find interesting content
  2. Play with the system using the test space (i.e. sandbox)
  3. Participate in commons by adding content when appropriate
  4. Review the Webinars as time permits
  5. Read through the Confluence Users Guide
  6. Use the Search box in the upper right. (indexes content in attachments as well as pages and news)


Webinars that help you understand Confluence

Confluence Video Tutorials
Use Case - HR processes


We do not have on-site classes developed. However some ideas for such a class or seminar can be found here .

Reference Sites

University of Michigan Medical School
University of Edinburgh
National Cancer Institute

    1. Create a simple page with the Rich Text Editor
    2. Create a link to internal or external content
    3. Effective use of Labels
    4. Uploading and Working With Images
    5. Restore an earlier version of a page
    6. Import a Word doc to start your wiki page
    7. Export content to Word or PDF format
    8. Wiki markup basics (style, sections, columns, panels)
    9. Create lists using Wiki markup
    10. Add simple features in Wiki markup

    Hint: Under the Tools Menu, a selection called "View Source" brings up a popup window with the source data used for the page you are on. This is a great way to learn by reviewing what others have done. You can also copy/paste the source data into your own page.

    1. Display a block of code
    2. Implementing Tabs to separate content on a page
    3. Prompt users for input with form field markup
    4. Create a diagram (similar to Visio) or chart
    5. Display labels in a tag cloud
    6. Make a template and format a page from a template
    7. Create a task list
    8. Space Management: Permissions and References