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  • Users can add content using Wiki markup or through a WYSIWIG editor.
  • To create a document, the user can either import a Word doc into Confluence, which will convert it into a wiki page; or the document can be created as a Wiki page in Confluence, and the wiki can be exported into Word, Excel, PDF, HTML or XML format
  • Version control
  • Access-control permissions
  • RSS feed builder that allows users to receive updates on new content changes
  • Indexing of the content of attachments, making it easy to search for keywords (although this feature does not currently work for Office 2007 documents)
  • Ability to embed macros, widgets, charts and graphs from Excel files or from an SQL database using a special plug-in
  • No support for Microsoft Office on a Mac, only OpenOffice and NeoOffice (future versions expected to support MS Office)
  • Most of the functionality in Confluence is delivered through plug-ins and not all of them are free. The user must study which plugins are appropriate to their project, install them and sometimes even pay for them.