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The Chrome Remote Desktop (Beta) is now available.  It allows remote screen sharing of a computer for troubleshooting or training purposes.  Access must be authorized by the person whose computer will be accessed (a 12 digit code is displayed - and this must be entered by the person who wishes to control the computer in order to make the connection).

There are a number of steps that are required to set up a computer for Chrome browser based remote desktop.

1. Open up a new tab in your browser - notice the chrome Web Store icon - click it.

2. Search for Remote desktop and click on the result of the search.

3. The first result should be the following option. Note: if you are not already signed into one of the Labs Google Apps, a sign in to add button will surface.

If you have already signed in to a google app, this is the screen you will see.  click "Add to Chrome"

4. Click the Add button

5. Click the icon.

6. Authorize by clicking Continue

7. Allow Access

8. This is the screen that results.  Sharing your desktop with another person, or accessing another person computer can both be done from this screen.
If you do click Share Now - you will be presented with a 12 digit code that will be given to the other person (for example, a Help Desk staff person who is trying to help you).

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