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How to report spam?

The Lab has a number of filtering mechanisms in place to protect you from spam. Occasionally, you may receive spam email that circumvents these filters. When you report spam, the vendors can update their filters for prevent future spam. Below are the procedures for reporting spam.

If you use Gmail

  • If you use the Gmail web interface, select the message and press the "Report Spam" button
  • If you use an email application (e.g. Thunderbird), move the message to the [Gmail]/Spam label

    Gmail ages out spam messages after 30 days, so we recommend your review the spam folder occasional for false positives, that is, legitimate mail that Gmail mis-classified as spam.

If you do not use Gmail

  • Forward the message as an attachment to

    If you do not send your message to as an attachment, our anti-spam system cannot use your report.

    All messages sent to go directly to our anti-spam vendor for analysis and inclusion into their spam identification database.

If you need to escalate a spam issue, please contact the Help Desk,, 510-486-4357


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