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Display the instruction for setting a Windows print server from a Linux computer.

	 1. the Linux instructions assume the redhat-config-printer-gui-  package is installed. 
	 2. the same printtool mechanism is available in Centos and Redhat

%SLIDESHOWSTART%      Return to WindowsPrinting

Step 1

Open the printtool program by typing printtool in the terminal, or open Applications -> System Settings -> Printing. You will be asked for the root password. Click New in the toolbar to add a printer.


Step 2

Click Forward to begin.


Step 3

Create a name of your choosing for the printer, and a short description if desired.


Step 4

Select Networked Windows (SMB) as the printer type. Click Specify.


Step 5

Enter as the server. Enter the printer share name under share. To find the share name, check the website Click OK when finished.


Step 6

Click Forward to continue.


Step 7

Choose the printer manufacturer and model.


Step 8

Click Finish.


Step 9

Click Yes if you would like to print a test page.


Step 10

Confirm the test page, if chosen in step 9.


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