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Display the instruction for setting a Windows print server from a MAC OS X computer.

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Step 1

In the Finder, use the Go menu to select Utilities (or use Apple-Shift-U).


Step 2

Open Printer Setup Utility.


Step 3.1

If you have not added any printers before, you will see this dialog box. Click Add.


Step 3.2

If you have added printers before, click the Add button on the toolbar.


Step 4

Click on the More Printers... button.


Step 5

The default printer type may be Appletalk. Use the top menu to select Windows Printing.


Step 6

The default network will likely be Workgroup. Use the top menu to go in to Network Neighborhood.


Step 7

Scroll down to locate LBL in the listing. Highlight it and click Choose.


Step 8

Locate the print server called Print and select it. Click Choose.


Step 9.1

The list of available printers will be displayed. Select your printer in this list. You may click Add and use
the Generic printer driver.


Step 9.2

Optionally, you may use the Printer model menu to choose the manufacturer.


Step 9.3

Another menu will appear allowing you to select the model of your printer. This allows you to access printerspecific
features such as duplexing if your printer supports it.


Step 10

Now your printer will appear in your printer list in Printer Setup Utility, and in your programs' Print dialog box. You may now quit Printer Setup Utility.


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