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Why does the server name on some of the printers published in Active Directory look like an individual workstation?

Most likely, the owner of the Windows computer added a local printer to his/her machine and either by accident, or on purpose, said yes when the question about publishing the printer came up during the installation. In general, local print and file sharing is not encouraged. Printing to a network printer added to a print server is the recommended practice.

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Can I find printers on a specific print server?

Yes. Printers can be located whether they have been published in Active Directory or not, simply by knowing the name of a print server (common in Scientific Divisions)

Do the following:

  • Click on the Start button, then Run
  • type
    server-name in the dialogue box where server-name is a print server you want to refer to
  • Double click on the printer you want to add

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Can I print via a Windows print server from a MAC or a Linux computer?


Refer to the following two instructions, contributed by Nat Stoddard of the IT Help Desk.

How can I find a printer if I am a member of the Windows Active Directory?

1. Go to Start-> Printers and Faxes or Start-> Settings-> Printers and Faxes

2. Click Add a printer on the left pane and click Next

3. Select A network printer� and click Next

4. Select Find a printer in the directory and click Next

5. For the name field, enter your building number followed by a dash and click Find now

6. The list of printers in your building will show up

7. Double-click on the printer you want and it will be installed on your computer (takes 10-20 seconds)

8. At the next screen, select Yes or No for default printer and click Next

9. Click Finish

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