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Interested in a Video Conference cart? Request one here.

    *** Initiate the meeting from a personal computer/laptop, NOT the cart. ***

    Use the cart as a participant of the meeting.

    1. Choose the application to use for your meeting.
    2. Click the icon appropriate for that application.
    3. Join the meeting using the information from the host.
    4. If there are more in-room attendees, make sure that only the cart mic/speaker set is used – all others need to be muted.
    The only software applications on this computer are the browser and the video conferencing applications; any documents that you want to display will need to be shown from another computer with appropriate software.

    Best Practices if your Presenter is in the room

    In-Room Presenter

    • Start meeting on laptop

    • Mute laptop speaker
    • Mute mic in meeting
    • Connect laptop to projector
    • Present via projector and online meeting software

    In-Room Attendee (cart)

    • Use Cart System

    • Join meeting started by presenter
    • Enable audio (speakers and mic)
    • Enable webcam video
    • Display video of remote attendees

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