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How do I enter an incident for my manager or someone else in my department?

Decide who should receive update messages. Enter that person as the "Caller."  If you would like other people to also get the messages, add them to the Watch List

How do I add information to the incident ticket? I have Windows 7. Can I snip a screenshot and send it?

Access the incident, either by clicking through the INC link in email, or using the portal. For text additions, use the Comments area. To upload an attachment, click the paper clip in the upper right , browse for the attachment, and send it. You can use the Windows 7 Snipping Tool to create an image to send, or you can send any other kind of document. For more help, see Using Attachments, Comments, or the Watch List

What's this INC I keep seeing on emails?

The Service-Now software calls trouble tickets incidents, and numbers them to organize them. INC0010469 is the system's way of tracking ticket 10469.

What's the quickest way to get help?

Call xHELP, just as you always have. Help Desk personnel will help you immediately and enter the incident for you.

Why should I use the Service Desk? It's almost always my local tech who fixes things for us anyway.  Can't I just call her?

Entering an incident means that someone will immediately monitor the request, and call your tech if it is a real emergency. Your tech is going to have to enter the incident anyway, because we need to track the work. Tracking enables IT to see when we need to fix processes, or have a common problem. A while back, we realized we had a ongoing problems with a certain video card, for instance. Also, your categorizing the problem may enable the tech to get help before she comes to fix the problem -- making the process faster for you both.

I have a problem that needs fixing, but it is not stopping me from working. Do I put in an incident, or do I do something else?

Choose Services - Service Catalog from the Service-Now Portal. Click on the Service you need there, and you will be taken to a page which will tell you how to get help.

Why did I get a survey?  How does IT use surveys?

IT requests a survey after every incident to help improve service. If you have the time to respond, we appreciate the feedback and help. The survey is remarkably easy.  It's just a 1-10 ranking on six items, and a space for optional additional comments. We carefully read each survey, particularly those with suggestions or complaints.

How do I reopen a ticket? I got the resolved incident email, but the problem still exists.

Click through on the Help Desk link, and you can send an email back to the Help Desk.

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