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The IT Backup Group has partnered with UC Berkeley Tivoli Storage Manager (TSM) Backup program to reduce your backup costs and improve backup/restore efficiency. UCB TSM's efficiency is due to the disk-based backup and a "first-time full, forever incremental" model. Here you can find TSM backup charge, how to register TSM backup and TSM client installation instructions to get started with TSM.

TSM Backup Service Charge

  • First copy stored on disk at UC Berkeley Data Center                     @ $0.28/GB (per month)
  • Second copy stored on disk at San Diego Supercomputer Center  @ $0.17/GB (per month)

Note: You can select the first copy only option, however, this option will not provide data protection in the event of TSM backup server crash or earthquake at Berkeley. Unfortunately, the second copy only option is unavailable since the second copy is generated by the remote replication of the first copy.

How to Register TSM Backup

TSM Client Installation Instructions

dsmc command examples for CLI-based Backup and Restore


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